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Film company faces maximum fine in "Walking Dead" stuntman's death

January 8, 2018

John Bernecker, 33, died July 12 from injuries suffered in a fall on the set in Senoia, about 35 miles south of Atlanta, Coweta County coroner Richard Hawk said at the time.


Check out Letterman’s New Netflix Trailer Featuring Barack Obama

January 8, 2018


Ready for your first appearance in David Letterman's new talk show?


Above is the first teaser trailer for the series, titled My Next Guest Needs No Intro with David Letterman.


That name suggests a series that's setting a high bar for reserving celebrities with title recognization and Letterman's first guest clearly qualifies: The show will start with the initial post-presidency TV talk show interview with Barack Obama.


Hence the hour-long premiere will have just two firsts: The former CBS Late Show host emerging from retirement along with the former president committing his first on-camera talk-show discussion of this Trump era.


The series will start Friday, Jan. 12 and a new episode is going to be stream each subsequent month in 2018 -- so the Letterman series is unique from the Netflix world as it has a somewhat anti-binge roll-out.


Letterman's list of influential guests adds George Clooney, JAY-Z, and Howard Stern.



According to Netflix, the "interviews will occur both inside and out of a studio setting. The discussions are romantic, in-depth and far-reaching, together with the levity and humor Dave's fans know and love. Field sections will bring Letterman to places far and wide, expressing his curiosity and urge to dig deeper on some specific subject regarding the iconic guest featured in the event."


Christina Aguilera Wearing Cleavage Baring Bodysuit

December 4, 2017

On Saturday, Christina Aguilera was spotted out in Beverly Hills, California, for DJ Khaled's birthday bash extravaganza.

The Rock is Observing the Current Political Scene

December 4, 2017

Dwayne Johnson may be looking up for a career in politics, but for now, the popular pro wrestler and actor says he is keeping tabs on the current political scenario.


"This whole thing started with a piece from The Washington Post about a year and a half, two decades back," Johnson told InStyle Magazine in an interview published Friday. "Afterward, when it started to pickup and got to the point where it was simply impossible to ignore, I said, 'Obviously, I'd consider a run.'"


As for today, he added, "where we are at right now is just quietly observing everything happening on the political arena, and if the next election comes along... I will be watching very intently."


Johnson said that what "gnaws at his mind" is if there are "numerous polarizing views and anger" and "the absence of leadership which wants to bring everyone together and listen. I think in dialogue. Sometimes you've got to get down and dirty and have these difficult conversations."


This does not just include in politics, but in different aspects, and Johnson said he's got problems with the criticism of National Football League players and other professional athletes who are kneeling in protest of President Donald Trump.


"If the players have been kneeling as a last resort, as a desire to be heard, clearly they are not being discovered," explained Johnson. "It's an opportunity for our leaders, our president and his team, to listen to them, truly hear them, and not be mad."


Johnson stated Trump missed a key chance for striking out at the Warriors Star -- Stephen Curry, who said he didn't want to pay a visit to the White House.


"Steph is a good friend of mine -- I know him and his family," explained Johnson. "In the time when he declined the offer, I felt like it was our president perfect chance to say, 'You have to come to the White House and sit down with me, and I must hear you and know you.'"



Rather, Johnson said, the state needs a "greater direction that's inclusive and truly hears the folks and does not have a knee-jerk response out of anger."


Such situations are divisive but clarify what Americans need in the long run, said Johnson, "and we will have a chance in a few decades to cast another vote, and we're going to see where the American people are if that time comes."



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